Accurizing factory rifles

Your rifle will be tested and measured for accuracy deficiencies in the barrel, action, stock and optic mount. Once done we can develop a plan of attack.

This includes the Accuracy Evaluation along with some of the most common accuracy problems found in factory rifles and will bring out almost all the accuracy the factory barrel is capable of.

Which includes:

  • Slugging the barrel
  • Gauging Headspace
  • Pillar Bedding the Stock
  • Lapping bolt lugs
  • Lapping or bedding scope rings
  • Target Crown

This Includes all of the Standard Accurizing package plus lapping the bore and epoxy sleeve the receiver.

This improves the smoothness of the bore achieving better accuracy and less fouling.

This is a more cost effective way to reduce bolt play and increase accuracy.

This increases accuracy by reducing excessive bolt clearance.

Precision Riflesmithing

This includes truing the action with mandrel type cutters, lapping the bolt lugs and truing the bolt face.

This includes precision truing of a factory action or checking a custom action for proper trueness. Most factory actions will end up needing quite a bit of work so sometimes a custom action ends up costing only a little bit more and makes more sense due to its better resale value. We can discuss options and help you make the best decision.

Lapping lugs ensures there is equal and  ample contact on all lugs which directly correlates with accuracy.

This includes drilling the stock installing pillars and epoxy bedding the action for a stress free fit. 

Includes bedding the action in a stock or chassis with integral bedding blocks.

Includes evaluation of barrel blank, threading, chambering, and target crown. We can do almost any standard or wildcat chamber, throating to match a specific bullet or throat length, twist rate, barrel length, and contour. We can also help you determine all of these details.

Includes the dialing in existing barrel true to the bore within .0001″-.0002″ and cutting new crown. The crown is very important to accuracy as this is the last point of contact for the bullet before it leaves the barrel. 

Includes the rechambering of an existing barrel that does not require it to be set back.

Includes setting the barrel back one or two threads and rechambering. This is commonly done as a remedy to excessive throat erosion or to straighten a crooked chambering job. 

This is done to evaluate the barrel quality and to measure for consistency of the bore. (This is included in all custom barrel installations.)

Includes the thread and crown of the muzzle and brake on brakes that require timing. Does not include the price fo the brake. 

Includes the thread and crown of the muzzle and brake on brakes that DO NOT require timing. Does not include the price of the brake. 

Includes dialing in true to bore and cutting threads and shoulder on muzzle for silencer installation. Does not include thread protector. 

Includes borescoping the crown looking for any defects that can effect accuracy.

This is an additional charge for barrels requiring extractor cuts.

This is a minimum for uncommon chambers.

This is an add on charge for brakes that are blended to match the barrel on stainless finishes. 

Includes basic scope mounting and leveling of optic.

Includes mounting a scope to a undrilled or tapped receiver. Possible extra charge for hardened receivers. 

Includes lapping scope rings or epoxy bedding rings for perfect stress free fit. 

Epoxy bedding the base onto the receiver for a stress free fit. 

We bed the scope base with added MOA to allow for more adjustment for ELR applications. 

Metal Finishing

This includes disassembly of firearm before coating and reassembly after coating is applied. Could be additional with more complex firearms. 

These are single color prices. $90 extra for each additional color.

  • Complete $350
  • Barreled Action $225
  • Stock $150
  • Barrel $125
  • Action $125 (includes mag tube on shotgun)

These are single color prices. $90 extra for each additional color.

  • Complete $350
  • Upper, Lower, and Handguard $175
  • Single Piece $75
  • Control Parts $50
  • Magazine $30

These are single color prices. $90 extra for each additional color. 

  • Complete $200
  • Slide $75
  • Frame $75
  • Barrel $50
  • Control Parts $50
  • Magazine $30

These are single color prices.

  • Silencer $200 (Hi Temp Cerakote)
  • Scope Rings $50
  • Scope Base $50

Shipping Instructions

You can legally ship guns to us by common carrier such as UPS, FedEx, etc. Handguns are required to be sent “Next Day Air”, but rifles or shotguns may be sent “regular ground.”


Include a letter of instructions of the details of work to be done, making sure to include name, phone # and your return address (no P.O. Boxes-UPS will not ship to P.O. Boxes)


Be absolutely certain the gun is unloaded!! Pack guns and any parts tightly and padded well in the package so they won’t be able to move around during shipping.