Super Yoter R


The Bering Optics SUPER YOTER R™ Thermal Weapon Sight features the advanced 12μm Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 640×480 core resolution with 50Hz refresh rate that makes the scope ideal for predator control at medium- and long-range distances. This Thermal Scope has 3 modifications with native magnification of 3.0x (BE46050L), 2.0x (BE46035/BE46035L) and 1.5x (BE46025/BE46025L) with digital zoom of 2X, 4X. The wide range of controls and capabilities allow the user to adapt the scope to various conditions and personal preferences. There are 8 reticle patterns including 3 BDC reticles, along with four color options for each reticle pattern. The sight operation is controlled with three buttons allowing easy selection of the options.

A unique adjustable Stradiametric Rangefinder can be set to the height of the animals, thus increasing the overall usefulness of this
feature. Other useful features of the SUPER YOTER R™ is a wide selection of the image adjustment options as well as the image background adjustment and calibration.
The SUPER YOTER R™ is nitrogen-purged, is water-, dust- and shock-proof and shock-rated for .338 Win Mag., 30-06 Spring Mag. The SUPER YOTER R™ is action ready in any environment or light conditions, including conditions when the environmental obscurants such as smoke, dust, haze, are present.




  • Superior for predator control at medium- and long-range distances
  • Excellent performer in high humidity conditions
  • Picture-in-Picture function- 2X multiplied image on a top of the display
  • Automatic shatter based thermal VOx core with Auto- or Manual calibration
  • Switchable image polarity: White Hot / Black Hot / Red Hot / Colored Hot
  • 8 reticle patterns including 3 BDC reticles
  • 4 color options for each reticle pattern
  • Precise W/E adjustment increments is 0.54” at 1X (native magnification) and just 0.14” at 4X multiplied image for

BE46050L model

  • Manual control of the image sharpness and screen brightness
  • Manual control of the contrast
  • Manual control of the image background balance of white (Cool or Warm)
  • Ability to save 4 profiles of zeroing calibration data
  • Stradiametric Rangefinder function to estimate the distance to the targets of manually adjustable target’s height
  • A precise lens focusing mechanism
  • 5V DC external power supply option via a Type-C USB port
  • Blind Pixel repair tool
  • Standby mode
  • Digital Compass
  • Inclinometer
  • Battery status indicator
  • Nitrogen purged
  • Video out
  • 32Gb internal memory
  • Built-in internal recording function in .mp4 (video) and .jpeg (image) formats
  • Wi-Fi capable- allows media recording to the mobile device (iOS or Android App is required)
  • Quick-Detach (QD) Picatinny mount (BE46025/BE46035)
  • LaRue Tactical® Quick-Detach (QD) lockable mount (BE46025L/BE46035L/BE46050L)
  • 4 years warranty on parts and labor




Product Modification SUPER YOTER R
Product SKU# BE46025 / BE46025L BE46035 / BE46035L BE46050L
Optical Magnification, x 1.5x 2.0x 3.0x
Digital Multiplication, X 2X, 4X
Objective lens system 25mmF/1.0 35mmF/1.0 50mmF/1.0
Angular FOV at 1.0x (horizontal x vertical), degree 18° x 13° 11° x 8° 8.5° x 6.4°
Eye relief, mm  46
Focus range, yard 1 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment, D -5: +5
Core resolution, pxl 640×480
Pixel pitch, µm 12
Image refresh rate, Hz 50
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD), mK ≤ 40
Display type and resolution, pxl OLED 1024×768
Start-up time, typical, sec. 20
Object type and size, approx., ft² / m² Hog  7.5 / 0.7   Coyote 5.5 / 0.5     Hog   7.5 / 0.7   Coyote    5.5 / 0.5  Hog    7.5 / 0.7 Coyote  

5.5 / 0.5

Detection, approx., yds / m 900 /800 700 /630 1100 /1000 900 /800 1650/1500   1200/1100  
Recognition, approx., yds / m 450 /400   350 /325   660 /600   550 /500   990 /900   770 /700
Dimensions with QR mount, approx., in / mm 7.5 x 2. 83 x 2. 36 / 190x72x60 7.8 x 2. 83 x 2. 36 / 200x72x60 8.46 x 3.15 x 2.36 / 215x80x60
Weight w/out batteries, approx., oz/g 17.5 / 497 18 / 510 20 / 570
Power supply 3V CR123 (two) or 3.7V rechargeable 16650 (two) or

5V DC USB C-type

Estimated battery life with two Lithium 3V CR123, hour 3.5
Operating temperature, typical, °F/°С 4° to +122° / -15° to +50°
Water intrusion IP66
Humidity, % up to 98%




SUPER YOTER R™ 640×480 Thermal Weapon Sight

Quick-Detach (QD) mount

Front lens protective cap

Rubber eye guard

2 CR123 batteries

Type-C USB cable

Soft Carrying Case with a shoulder strap

Lens Cleaning Cloth

Instructions manual




Focus Ring Cattail by ZRTS (BE80980) for SUPER YOTER R™ with 35mm Lens (BE46035 / BE46035L)

Tactical Rubber Eye Guard (BE80030)

Extended Battery Cap (BE80008)

Additional information


1.5-6.0x25mm, 2.0-8.0x35mm, 3.0-12x50mm