EXPLORR™ .224 Suppressor


Diameter: 1.5″
Overall Length: 5.9″
Length Added: 3.7″
Weight: 11.6 Ounces
Materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel Fully H900 Heat Treated
Attachment: All Taper Mount devices
DB Attenuation: 5.56mm (134db)
Finish: Cerakote® finish
Full Auto Rated: Yes

Available on backorder

Available on backorder

The EXPLORR™ series was built on years of prior experience and R&D with tubeless designs.   Relatively unknown, Griffin started pushing the limits on modern suppressor engineering when in 2010, they designed the first tubeless silencers in the US.   Tubeless designs although relatively featureless, provide the most optimal strength to weight ratio of any construction method.   With a solid background in tubeless suppressor engineering, Griffin sought to push the limits of what was capable by creating the EXPLORR™ series of suppressors that hit titanium weights with a more durable material.   Lower weight means smaller point of impact shift, higher unsupported position accuracy potential, and less fatigue to the user when carrying equipment.

Sound Pressure Level Notes:

  • 16″ 5.56mm AR15 with nato ammunition measured 134db at the muzzle
  • 22-250 Remington, at the ear on a 20″ bolt action rifle measured 128db

Get the most out of your next adventure with the EXPLORR™

Rated on Following barrel lengths: No barrel restrictions! While longer barrels promote longer service life, this suppressor has no length restrictions!



  • Taper Mount Tactical Compensator ( 1/2×28″ .22 CAL)
  • Suppressor Pouch



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