44MM Dual Tension Ballhead W/ Area 419 ARCALOCK CLAMP



Two Vets has teamed up with Area 419 to offer a Area 419 Arcalock on top of our ballheads. This clamping system when run in conjunction with the Area 419 Arcalock rail will alleviate the unwanted forward movement of the rifle while clamped into standard clamps. This clamp will also work with any other arca rails on the market making it a no brainer to offer on top of our ballheads


This ballhead features dual adjustment having a large knob for coarse adjustment and a smaller knob for fine adjustment. This really allows the user to get the ballhead dialed in for their needs of shooting and shooting style.


Application :Hunting Rifles / Spotter

Dual Tension Fine / Coarse Adjustment

Quick Release Plate

weight 1lb 1 oz

Max Load :45lbs


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